Hole 10

Pro Guide Hole 10 : NEWMOOR : Par 4 : 357 Yards

Another dogleg left which is all the better for some of the changes made to it since it was first created. More than ever the hole requires the right position from the shot off the tee; it is possible with the right wind to cut the blind corner to the green but at great risk. For the majority a drive or iron into the centre of the dogleg avoiding bunkers left, right and straight ahead will do it. A longer drive over the left hand side bunker will normally find a playable lie in the rough over the fairway. For some a medium long iron will put the ball in A1 position for the short iron approach into the green.

The approach is one of the more straightforward on the course but the perspective on the green makes clubbing a little more difficult with many underclubbing. A new competition tee has been built adding an extra thirty to forty yards to the drive making a different hole. A good scoring hole is often expected but beware the drive.