Hole 15

Pro Guide Hole 15 : ADAM'S GATE : Par 4 : 428 Yards

Another relatively long par four with bunkers left and right off the drive. The right hand bunker catches more due to the fairway taking everything towards it. Aiming left of centre is therefore critical but too far left and the approach to the green will be closed off and you'll be looking at going over a bunker. The green has a humpback entrance to it and resembles a bowl. If the ball can be put to the top of the hill before the green it will roll down towards the centre of the green.

Deep bunkers short left and right will catch slightly loose shots. The key to the second shot is clubbing. Anything short will be held up by the hill leaving a tricky pitch and run to the flag. Too long and the ball may find rough a few yards over the back.