Hole 16

Pro Guide Hole 16 : THE GAP: Par 5 : 490 Yards

Par five which when played downwind offers a good chance for a birdie. It also offers the opportunity for a seven. The temptation is to let rip for what appears an open fairway. Let the ball slide in either direction and the bunkers - two on the right and one on the left - become magnetically attractive off a deceptively humpbacked fairway. The punitive left hand bunker at two hundred yards in particular is to be avoided and bushes left and right will ensure three off the tee for the more wayward.

The second shot is through the gap with mounds left and right. Again fairly straightforward but problematic when taking out a fairway wood and trying to belt it. Bunkers in the middle of the fairway and one to the left can catch out those going for the green in two whilst the greenside bunkers particularly the one on the right will catch any ball with the approach and green running off towards it.

Long thin green on two tiers can leave an extremely long and difficult to read putt. Good birdie opportunity but not without its difficulties.