Hole 1

Pro Guide Hole 1 : KILMARNOCK: Par 5 : 506 Yards

The first hole at a touch over five hundred yards should on paper provide a straight forward opportunity to open up well and for low handicappers can provide a good birdie chance - but then again it is the first!. With the removal of the trees, which lined the right of course, out of bounds, whilst well right, comes more into play for the cold swing and the well placed bunkers on the right come into play all too often. If you find sand with first or second shots the hole becomes problematic.

Best drive is slightly to the left of centre with a second shot aimed over the brow of the hill. Depending on wind direction the hole is anything from a short iron to a fairway wood. The green is guarded short left and front right by bunkers with the one in the right catching more approaches as the green runs off towards it. The first can be frustrating and if you walk off the green with your scorecard in place you can be quite satisifed.