The Formation of Kilmarnock (Barassie) Golf Club

The Jubilee Book, the history of the Club, records that Kilmarnock men played golf at Troon in the 1870’s and 1880’s. But in the year before production of the first car in Europe (Karl Benz in 1888), the distance to Troon and Gailes was deemed too long for the golfing men of Kilmarnock. Accordingly 14 men met in the George Hotel in Kilmarnock and formed the Club on 25th November 1887. The course was initially at Holmes Farm in Kilmarnock, but this only provided 9 holes and on 26th September 1894 new land was secured at the present site at Barassie, adjacent to the railway lines, thus facilitating access by train. You can read more about the history of the club in the Jubilee Book.

History of Events

Over the long history of the golf club, Kilmarnock (Barassie) Golf Club has played host to a wide variety of amateur and professional events. It has proved to be a test of the very best golfers and many famous names have walked the links.

Upcoming  Events

2020 R&A British Women’s Amateur Championship

2020 Final Qualifying AIG Women’s Open Championship

Recent Championships

2019 Scottish Women’s Amateur Championship – K. Beveridge

2017 Final Qualifying for 2017 Scottish Open Championship – G. Wright

2016 Junior Open Championship – P Lencart Silva

2012 Final Qualifying Senior Open – G. Ralph

2012 Scottish Amateur Strokeplay Championship – P. Barjon

2010 Boys Amateur Championship – A.Otaegui

2009 Final Qualifying The Open – M. Brier

2007 Scottish Women’s Amateur Championship – J. Wilson

2004 Junior Open Championship – J. Cox

2003 Final Qualifying Senior Open – D. Johnson

2001 Women’s Amateur Strokeplay Championship – R. Hudson

2001 Final Qualifying Amateur Championship – N. Dougherty

2000 European Youth Championship – England

Past Championships

1998 Girls Scottish Amateur – V. Laing

1997 Final Qualifying The Open – S. Bottomley

1994 Final Qualifying The Open – M. Davis

1989 Final Qualifying The Open – G. P. Emerson

1988 Scottish Amateur Championship – J. Milligan

1987 Jacques Leglise Trophy- Great Britain & Ireland

1987 Boys Amateur Championship – C. O’Carroll

1986 Final Qualifying The Open – A. Brooks

1985 Scottish Women’s Amateur – A. Gemmill

1982 Final Qualifying The Open – P. Dawson

1981 Girls Scottish Amateur – D. Thomson

1979 Boys Amateur Championship – R. Rafferty

1977 Final Qualifying The Open – R. Bernardini

1973 Roosevelt Nine Nations – T. Wieskopf

1971 Boys Amateur Championship – H. Clark

1960 Girls Amateur Championship – S. Clark

1957 Scottish Professional Championship – E. Brown

1955 Boys Scotland vs England

1955 Boys Amateur Championship – S. C. Wilson

1948 Boys Scotland vs England

1948 Boys Amateur Championship – J. D. Pritchett

1947 Daily Mail Professional – Sir H. Cotton

1937 Scottish Amateur Championship – H. McInally

The Jubilee Book

One of the framed image sets is taken from this great wee book. Published in 1937 to celebrate the first fifty years with a Gold Foil cover by The Standard Press in Kilmarnock the photos were provided by Hector Macdonald whose family until quite recently still had a shop in Bank Street, Kilmarnock.

The understated nature of the introduction is wonderful and given what was to ensue in the following years it certainly represents more than just a snapshot in history.

“This Jubilee brochure, designed for private circulation among the members of Kilmarnock (Barassie) Golf Club, has been prepared and is issued by authority of the committee, in the belief that members may appreciate a souvenir of an interesting occasion in the history of the club.”

Download a copy of the Barassie Jubilee book to print as a PDF to be read in the traditional manner on paper!

We hope you enjoy it as much as we have.