The club is delighted to announce that we have reached a partnership agreement with the Bald Eagle Golf Company (BEGC) to take over our catering.

 BEGC catering have recently introduced new menus for the golf club:

 KBGC Breakfast Menu

 KBGC All Day Menu

 KBGC Set Evening Menu

A great evening at the Jazz night. Good food, good music, good company.

Opening Hours

The following table shows the times that catering will be available in the clubhouse as of Monday 1st April 2019.

Monday10am - 4.45pm
Tuesday10am - 4.45pm
Wednesday10am - 7.45pm
Thursday10am - 7.45pm
Friday10am - 7.45pm
Saturday9am - 8.30pm
Sunday9am - 6.45pm