“Possibilism in cultural geography is the theory that the environment sets certain constraints or limitations, but culture is otherwise determined by social conditions.”


Now your once again no doubt thinking “he’s off on one again” or more likely “they must have legalised dope” but let’s be honest if you’re reading this at all you’ve nothing better to do so you may as well keep going.


The point I’m trying to make is simple really – as a club we are limited to where and what we are, but we as members (social conditioners if you like) decide on what we do with what we have, determining the conditions we want to create by the simple method of how much we want to spend and how many other folk we want to join us chasing a ball roon’ a golf course.


So we thought it would be good to give you a bit of an insight into some of the financial pressures that Doug and the Council (sounds like an 80s indie band) have to deal with when we as a club decide to be the best we can by copying an email with a list of equipment we think we need to keep up the forward momentum and raising the general standard of the course, as detailed in the strategy doc over the next three years.

This was sent from the Big Man to me, then on to Doug the financial convenor on the Council –

“Great info thanks, but it’s a bit hard on the eye.
So I’ve done a quick list – my understanding is that we defo need the first two this winter and the pump and sprinkler repairs are also must do – so that’s roughly 40k
And we need to increase the seed fertiliser/wetting agent budget by 20k if we take the agronomist advise as well.


That’s on top of replacing the 2 summer helpers with a full timer, and a 3% pay rise too!

Dougie will need the smelling salts or even a large one after reading that.

Sand dresser – 16k

Turf cutter – 5k

Trailer – 4k

Fert spreader 1.6k

Workman buggy 1.5k

Digger 45k

Sharpener 22k

Seeder 16k

Corer 18k

Pump repair 8.5

Sprinkler repair 8.5

Equipment hire for year 7k

Tree removal 1.5

Extra seed and Wet A 20k

Enviro report 3k”

Dougies reply was class –

“The big man should have been writing to Santa instead of me lol”

F@@k me – or a variation is no doubt going through your minds but let’s remind ourselves that we ARE a big club, have attracted a good few members with more in the wings if we can work them in somehow and although this last year we were down £20k on visitors (terrible winter and spring), a decent winter this year and the new hole effect kicking in we are hopeful that this can be turned around.

So, you’ve now got an idea of how much cash we would like to spend. It’s still under £25 a week to be a member – cheaper than takin’ the weans to the pictures (that’s the cinema to you hipsters), even before you get to the most expensive sweeties in the World.


So, do we want to be Possibilists’ and shape the future to the best it can be or not?

It really is up to you (or youse’ if yir fae Belfield).


We are still pressing ahead with the digger work and very productive it’s proved to be.

When we were setting the work plans for this first winter of the Strategy doc – the big man was asked what’s your priorities and (apart from grub) without hesitation he named bunkers and more teeing areas.


In the plan we said we would try and get 3 done at a cost of 3k per tee (turf, shaper, top soil). The good news is we got 4 (1,15,17,18) done and using the mined sand mixed with the top soil we swapped for a 4 ball, the turf will be lifted from 6 and 7, the only cost was two weeks of digger work at 500 per week – so that’s a good saving and all done by the team themselves.

The bunker work is the same – big savings on a shaper and turf.

It’s been great to see the guys get to both tell us what needs to be done – and then actually get to do it themselves, bloody marvellous indeed.


One more week of digger work and we’ll get it off hire – we will try and get some tree stumps removed, spend a couple of days fixing some pot holes on the shed access road and maybe even have a go at the horrible back bunker on the 9th fairway.


We have a week of tree clearing coming up soon, to remove the ones that are most likely to fall on the sheds so it will be all hands-on deck for that.


We had a trial sand spreader in on Thursday mainly to make sure that when we buy one (top of Santa’s list above) we get one that will be the best we can afford. As you no doubt remember the agronomist is keen for us to do this twice a year using sand mined from the course acreage, we got 4 fairways done and would recommend we buy that model as it’s perfect and can also be used for feeding the fairways as well, which will save us buying one at 1.5k – see we’re always looking for bargains!


Enjoy your golf


The Greens Team.