The weather this week has been both good and bad – good as in nice and dry allowing us to get lots done but so cold in the mornings, we’ve been unable to get cutting and rolling the greens as much as we planned. Mind you the slow greens did not stop Jack Mac shooting 61 from the blue tees on Wednesday morning – in the classic Scots understatement he is quoted as saying he played “no bad” – aye right! 

All greens top dressed and wetting agent applied, all washed in by the irrigation system. We are pleased with the firmness and quality of grass. That will allow us the get them firm and fast with some growth. The new green got some special treatment being micro tined and seed added to the top dressing to combat the fusarium outbreak (re blogs passim).

Big Gaz, our Lawrence of Arabia has been spreading more sand than the camel charge to Aqaba to give the fairways a boost. We are now anxiously looking at the forecasts as incredibly we need some rain, just not too much and overnight would be best.

Prompted by some member emails we reviewed the practice net and decided to give it a full make over, so no excuses for the stiff duck hook (don’t forget to shout fore) on the first tee. 

Incidentally “Fore!”, originally a Scots interjection, is used to warn anyone standing or moving in the flight of a golf ball. The mention of the term in an 1881 British Golf Museum indicates that the term was in use at least as early as that period.

Google gives a few options on its origin (or oranges if you’re a Trumpster). Our fav is – it came from the military “beware before”, which an artilleryman who was about to fire would yell, alerting nearby infantrymen to drop to the ground to avoid the shells overhead (Before may mean “in front of (the gun being fired)”; fore may mean “(look) ahead”).

Anyway, a wayward shot should always be followed by fore.

To paraphrase JFK, (the blog knows no humility): 

“Ask not what your golf club can do for you

Ask what you can do for your golf club”

Golf clubs depend a lot on folk giving up their time to help out, mostly on committees, more recently councils, and helping out at big events if we are lucky enough to have them, we even had some members help rearranging the buggy shed last year. 

Long may this continue. 

One area that has never had that much member help is that actual upkeep of the golf course, traditionally the attitude has been “we’ve got workers for that” (and good yins an’aw we may add) and that’s fair enough, however when a member sees something that for whatever reason is needing done, and can be done without interfering with the Greens team, that member then goes about actually get it done, it’s a fine thing.

Last year a member took it upon himself to keep the car park tidy (after asking permission obviously) then branching out to pick up rubbish and debris from the course e.g. tree branches from the 3 to 4 walk and rubbish from beside the railway lines. 

This has grown into our first “A Tidy Up Squad” (or TUSers – a bunch of) a group of the early morning lads that gave up a morning to clear all the debris from the first 3 holes, and plan is to do the 3 to 4 walk and then down the railway line from the Hillhouse 8th and 9th.

From the sheds we greatly appreciate their efforts and to all the guys say “thanks”. 

Good work fellas. 

From the good to the baaaaad…….

The Vandals apparently got a bum rap when renaissance and early-modern writers characterized the Vandals as barbarians, “sacking and looting” Rome. This led to the use of the term “vandalism” to describe any pointless destruction. However, modern historians tend to regard the Vandals during the transitional period from Late Antiquity to the Early Middle Ages as perpetuators, not destroyers, of Roman culture.

That aside the mindless morons that set fire to our course toilets (shitehouses burning shitehouses) no less, returned again to burn down one of our shelters. We hope the laws of karma prevail and the law catches up with them soon but again if you notice any odd behaviour please report it to the police as soon as you can.

The incident or incidents has rekindled the debate about course amenities so we’ll see what comes of that. One gender neutral person’s thunder box is another gender-neutral person’s hallowed lavendered lair that could cost a grand or 30 depending on your taste (or smell in this case).

Enjoy your golf 

The Greens Team.