This week’s been about playing catch up with all the work done by the digger, but the good news is we’ve had a perfect week’s weather and got a lot done. The new tee at the first looks particularly good I hope you all agree and we are hopeful it will give us some options should the club go ahead and do the “First Tees Improvements Project”.

While on about tees we are still planning to finally get to the “Cock of the North” early next year with a plan to level, extend and replace the wooden supports and upgrade the pathways to the same standard as the 13th.

You won’t remember but we mentioned before about some much-needed maintenance to the greenside pop ups, over the years they sink, which means the heads don’t come up far enough resulting in the water spray cover being reduced.

Now each head requires about £70 work done fitting an extension, the maths here are simple 27 Greens 4 per green 27 x 4 x 70 = 7560, this gives you some idea of how costs can escalate on what is a relatively small job on each head.

This work will start soon so there will be some temp greens in play but it will be one at a time.

We stripped down 18 trees around the sheds this week, removing the ones most likely to fall. The next area that simply must be done is the 3rd to 4th walk and this will be tackled early in the year and will cost around 2k. Unfortunately, the course sees no benefit from either job but seeing as safety is paramount it must be done.

This will be the last blog for the year and what a year it’s been for us at the sheds – new contracts including the very first annual appraisals, new holes brought into play, new management structures bedding in, new course management standards, new course maintenance plans, new course improvement plans, the taking on of two major Ladies tournaments, lots of new members bringing a freshness to the place and what we feel is a renewed sense of purpose that gives us all hope that the club has a bright future in what at times, can feel a very uncertain world.

Out at the sheds we are fully aware that our futures are completely reliant on the level of commitment of the Members to the Club and we stand ready to work tirelessly to ensure that future.

To paraphrase that great reformist Martin Luther – “Here we stand because we can do no other”.

Have a Great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Enjoy your golf

The Greens Team.