Nice wee yin this week fur ye tae read.


All tees strimmed and tidied up this week with Greens Toro cut and rolled.

Fairway recovery work nearly complete a bit ahead of schedule and also a bit less cost than we first feared, which always helps oot.

A local farmer, Jim Paton, was good enough to help us out with a fertiliser spreader after ours gave up the ghost. It’s older than Jim T and he gave up the ghost years ago, so it didn’t owe us anything, but we do owe Jimmy P a round of golf.

All going well we should see some growth in a couple of weeks’ time.

We are still of a mind to have lift and place in the semi rough on the full fairways for winter play from a line 50 yards from the green. This will give us the best chance of good fairways come spring.

We have never tried mats or the like but would be interested in hearing of members experiences with them.


We’ve been a bit disappointed in the way the lovely looking marram grass around the 6th tee has been trampled down to get to the tee rather than use the access / egress ramps designed to take golfing traffic. Not only is the aesthetic destroyed but there is a significant risk of someone taking a tumble so please can everyone use the cut grass ramps to get to the tee – yer humpin’ yer backside through postal codes and council boundaries a few paces is not going to ruin your day. It’s actually a statement on human nature and brings a wry smile (in a look at those eejits sort of way) to witness our buggy driving members screech to a halt at the wrong place and nimbly scramble up the middle of the banking, on these new hips and knee joints to save two paces……but “go figure” as Holden Caulfield would say (go google him if you don’t know who Holden Caulfield is).

As a wee aside did you know Marram Grass was once harvested and weaved into mats for barn roofs, nets for fishing and even shoes. Traditionally each family had its own sand dune but the whole village would often be involved in collecting the grass. Today, the importance of Marram Grass in stabilising these fragile habitats has curbed its harvesting……well you ken noo’.


Enjoy your golf


The Greens Team.