Hi Folks 

The blogs back thu’, rested and revitalised by spending the last few months in the Turks and Caicos Islands or maybe it was Tarbolton and Cumnock Districts, sometimes it’s hard to tell.

Tuesday saw the hand cut machines back in action after an incredibly brief winter break of a whole six weeks, just enough time to get them all serviced and sharpened for all the hard work that’s planned for them. All 36 holes done with a roll planned before the weekend.

It’s been a right busy winter with lots getting done and still time to ponder the muddled mindset of golfers who stand on the barrier ropes around some of the greens, rather than step over or walk around, especially ironic the day after all us muchachos had just done a course on enhancing the members Barassie experience.
Never mind it was actually a good course. 

Over 20 bunkers reshaped and refaced, these will be filled with sand soon and brought into play as soon as possible. 

Our two lumberjacks (and their ok) did a fantastic job and highlighted just how much spending money on training and decent saws can save the club, when they chopped down 35 trees on the 3 – 4th hole walk way and at the 13th tee. The Big Boss Brian (literally and metaphorically) was of a mind that the previously mentioned muchachos might not be able to cope so got a couple of quotes from Tree folk and with the cheapest coming in at 4.4k plus the ubiquitous VAT, the boys wanted to give it a go and did a marvellous job, both getting the work done safely and building confidence for the now inevitable yearly winter tree cull.

The eventual levelling and enhancing of the “Cock of the North” tee has progressed well, with the turf going down next week and work ongoing on the paths,  it’s been a long time coming but we got there. The teeing area has been almost doubled in size, enhancing what is a great wee hole and we hope you like the new forward teeing area that will be used as a winter tee and hopefully will see the lower tee rarely used. Got to say as the dude that puts this bewildering blog together that my mates in the sheds are the “Swiss army knives” of the working world, one day tree fellas, then carpenters, then carpet layers, then horticulturists, then moaning faced ****** (pick your won word here), they have it all, the underappreciated muchachos.

The Big Man managed to “source” some bucksee Astro turf that will be used to improve the 15 – 16th walkway and to sort out the section from the old 12th green to the new hole that did not last through the Winter, so hopefully the Astro turf will solve the problem. 

We also have a load of shells coming soon, with the Hillhouse walk from 1 to 2 and the aforementioned 3 to 4 being the main targets as these are badly needing done so please take extra care until we get the shells down.

The recent snow and ice proved to be resilient and kept the course closed for a week. Towards the weekend the temp greens were sheets of bumpy ice and nearly all the steps and walkways had a covering of ice so we couldn’t open up. We know that the Portland was open on the Saturday but Barassie, Dundonald, Glasgow and Western Gailes all had to wait until Monday.

The above graphic gives some insights (thanks Rob) on the dangers of root damage during the thaw period. We know how frustrating it can be when it looks nice and green but the frost is still in the ground so we just can’t take the risk. 

Lastly with the AGM due next it’s worth noting that the new bicameral governance structure is still in its infancy and still has work to do to be fully appreciated and accepted, however the view from the sheds is that the support and commitment to the golf course (which is what it’s all about after all), and by extension us, is solid and greatly appreciated, with the emphasis on long term planning, continuous improvement and consistent approach that gives us at the sheds confidence to try our best to produce a golf course that not only increases demand to join the club but also creates a visitor demand that can pay for the improvements planned to make Barassie the best it can be. 

As my old Chinese pal Win Sok used to say 

“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.”

Enjoy your Golf 

The Greens Team.