You will have been very aware of the areas of our fantastic course left damaged by those pesky rabbits. Let me just say that Sammy The Rabbit Man is working his socks off trying to reduce the varmint population, but it’s not easy given how ‘energetic’ rabbits can be. All we can say is that we are on the case but it’s difficult without the invention of a rabbit family planning programme. We’ll keep you posted.

We make no apologies for doing the rain dance this week as we are having to hand water the most vulnerable fairways, so we desperately needed rain. We’ve never seen the course be this dry in May. 

And sure enough, the heavens have responded to Gary twirling his tomahawk (it’s a beaut’ BTW) and the heavens have opened – Sorry but it was badly needed. Monday saw SEPA issue a water level alert giving notice of hose pipe bans – so just in time. 

New green top dressed and getting better every day. Lots of other areas top dressed ahead of the rain forecast. 

Wetting agent applied to greens and surrounds. 

Practice ground given another make over, can we respectfully request that you use the newer areas as much as you can please this will allow the older bits to recover. 

Greens hand cut to 3.5mm today – and will be Toro cut first thing tomorrow. 

Gorse cleared area at the 11th fairway tidied up again, we have reinstated some GUR areas but most of the bad bits are rabbit (aye them again) damage so free drop if you can see evidence of burrowing. 

Sometimes it’s difficult to put words to a feeling, that won’t end up making you sound crass, uncaring and worst of all unable to show empathy, but here goes…….

What a way to go, 2 up with 3 to play, walking, no striding out, to your latest and sadly your last drive right down the middle…..

And Darkness Descends……

And the ground rushes up to meet you….

As departures go not bad at all, here one hole and gone the next, cut grass on your shoes and broken tees in your pocket,(hopefully), and a decent 82 on the card – travel well our old friend. 

The Greens Team tried their very best but alas to no avail but they gave it all they had, using their training to provide quick and correct first aid which is all we can do. 

Our thoughts are with the Good Doctors family and friends. 

Even more reason to ….

Enjoy your golf 

The Greens Team