Apologies, like retaliation are best got in early, so sorry to anyone caught by the sprinklers these last few nights. As we alluded to last week, the auld system has been called into action without even a preseason friendly, so we still have a few “stiff legs” “wayward passes” and “missed tackles” that need more time to get match fit (kicked that analogy to death eh). 

Calum, our irrigation man, has been on site these last few days fixing problems as we find them.

The main pumps are also due for overhaul this month but we’ll need to see the forecast before we start that.

One definite benefit of this early dry spell has been the amount of strimming we have been able to do, the car park, the border dykes, the bunker faces and the burn, the downside of that has been the amount of grass cuttings building up in the burn which will disappear with some rain if it ever rains again.

We have a few worrying signs of leather jacket activity on some of the greens, with the only good thing being the increased starling population means they do not do the same damage as the crows.

One of the lads got another 10 bird boxes made up that we swapped for a round of golf.

However, help is at hand as golf courses have been given another year’s exemption, for greens only to use Acelepryn to control them.

You may have noticed us looking like extras on CSI Miami (particularly Fraz with the fancy shades on) with the white chemical suits on while coating the bunker faces with growth inhibitor (so that’s what happened to the Capt and his Vice they didnae wear their PPE.)

We’ve been stretched this week with two of the team on Hols and one off but still managed to hand cut this morning – tomorrow will see a Toro cut and roll so they should be in good shape.

Enjoy your Golf

The Greens Team