The Chair, Captain and numerous members have asked if we could have regular updates on the work the lads do on the course. We do provide a monthly update for committee but by the time the minutes reach the website they are well out of date.

Apologies if this is a bit long but I’m sure they will get shorter the more regularly we do them.

One thing I think is important for all members to be aware of is that since Christmas our second in command Jim Turner has been off with a broken ankle, he was walking his dog and slipped and hey presto 20 weeks off work, he returned to work last week in a phased return that will hopefully see him fully restored soon.
We also have another man off at the moment so it’s been a challenge to get the place in decent shape.

Post Spring Meeting greens top dressed / fed and treated for leather jackets therefore no handcutting took place. This was restarted last week they have been hand cut Wednesday and again Friday to 3.5mm
Saturday morning they will be toro cut and rolled with a target speed of 8.8 to 9 although this might be affected by the hot weather enabling an early seed of the greens.

All tees overseeded and hopefully we get some good growth on some of the ones that had a tough winter.

Fairways now showing some good definition and over the last three weeks have been treated with wetting agent to assist growth but It’s a struggle to keep the divots filled as the crows take great delight in pulling out perfectly replaced divots.

We are aware that the H/H needs some work and are planning to devote more resources to it very soon.

The bunker faces were all cut 3 weeks ago but need done again ,we had hoped to get growth retarder on them but did not get to it before the heat kicked and they turned into Boris Johnstone hair do!

The burn has been dredged and the level came down around 9” and it appears to be running faster now so hopefully most of the green algae will disappear and help with drainage at the H/H 6th teeing areas.

The GUR areas at the 7th are being reduced as growth allows with one bunker now in play.

All seeded areas suffered when post seeding the beast from the East blew away most of the seed so we had to do large parts again, so they are a bit away from being ready for play.

New hole got a very positive report from our Agronomist, the cores taken show excellent root growth , so we are still on target for a mid-summer opening.

Dan Mann has once again posted some fantastic footage on our sites well worth a look.

The practice ground has been taking a pounding as you can tell from some of the scores our young stars are posting, so please be patient with us as we try and keep it fit for purpose, we have removed some trees around the “green” as part of a longer-term plan to have a better surface for short game practice.

One last thing we have been making a concerted effort to keep the tees clear of broken tee debris and it’s great when we see members, yes you again Walter, picking up as they go, if we could all pick up our “spent bullets” it will help us to get to the standard we all want.

Bob Anderson
Green Convener
On behalf of the Course Manager & Greenstaff