Congratulations are due to Gary F and his good lady as they welcomed a somewhat stubborn (like her Grandad perhaps), baby girl Camryn 7lbs 13oz. Well done and all the best.

But where were ye’ at the weekend, leaving some of the bunkers unraked to attend the birth, as you know the blog likes to fondly remember the old days when a working man knew his place but not his rights, asking for paternity leave would have got you sent to Australia and schools were for cards, not commoners.

Let’s move on before we get done for sedition.

Let’s talk about Rain.

Rain by Robert Louis Stevenson
The rain is raining all around,
It falls on field and tree,
It rains on the umbrellas here,
And on the ships at sea….

Got a great fact from Farming Today (R4 05:45 top listening if you have no life at all).

If an inch of rain falls on a acre of land that equates to
just North of 27,000 gallons.
(About 3 large fuel trucks worth)

An acre is 4840 square yards, (incidentally the original acre came from how much land an ox driven plough and one man could plough in a day, wurnae’ ony fags they days), which is roughly 70y by 70y or about half the size of a football pitch.

In which you could fit about 2 of our greens and surrounds, or areas covered by our irrigation system.
Then multiply by 14 to give you the total amount of water that an inch of rain would give you on these areas.
14 x 2700 = 378,000 gallons in total.
Which is just over half the volume of an Olympic Swimming pool( defo no diving).
Which is a lot of F&&&&& water for an inch of rain.

Read it again I’m almost sure it makes sense.

I hope this gives you a feeling just how hard our irrigation system has to work when there’s no rain.

Right, now you know that rain is a hard act to follow, the pumps, pipe work , pop ups and the auto control systems put in a shift then you know that our irrigation system deserves our respect, care and attention, which is a long (very),winded way of telling you that it needs some Arthur Ashe spent on it.

The big fella is costing a manufactures overhaul of the 15year old pumps, a third party overhaul , and a change out of the pumps to the latest standard.
This will undoubtedly affect some of the things we would like to see done on the course in the short term, but all we would say from the sheds is that a long term fix will never be cheaper than now.

While we are on the subject of aqua, big thanks to Billy McDill for fixing the water fountain on the Links and getting things sorted for a fix on the Hillhouse. It’s rumoured that Gregor has put a “hit” on him, due to free water now being available again but don’t worry Howie husnae’ hit anything he has aimed at for years.

Tee areas strimmed and blown this week, all fairways cut, and semi rough done as well.
A good few members asked for the seed boxes to be put out again so they are now at the par threes. We are already finding broken tees, chocolate wrappers and even empty water bottles in them so please can we ask for everyone help in keeping them rubbish free.

It’s been a tough week, there was a collective “exhale” after the tension and anxiety of getting the new layout sorted.

With Gary’s great news, Rob finally being allowed to take the kids on Holiday, and Craig moving house, we have been thankful our summer help , Steven and Michael, even more so on Friday when both Jim and the Big Man had hospital appointments.

Greens hand cut to 3mm on Wednesday, and a full court press again to get a team out on Saturday morning to get ready for the summer meeting.

Starting at 5:30am, to cut and roll the greens and rake all the bunkers, move the tees and empty the bins takes 4 men just under 4 hrs. We have been asked if we can cut fresh holes at the same time, so that takes another man 4 hrs as well. Out of an hourly paid group of 6 it’s a challenge to get the names on the board but as last weekend was a sort of “after the Lord Mayors show” with only 3 names, this week we managed to press gang enough for the normal preps but not to cut the holes – these were done today, Friday.

Rakexit is rumbling along with the latest option being looked at is a fibreglass rake the same as old Prestwick ,Royal Burgess and Trumpsville, (obviously recommended by a rich and well connected member – the Captain – as none of us will ever get invited to these hallowed places unless the Captain needs his bag carried) that turns out to be at least 25% less expensive ( these clubs would never use the term cheaper), than the RTroon ones, so it’s looking like “thems the wans” we will be recommending to the politburo ( er sorry the council).

On bunkers you will no doubt have noticed increased rabbit activity especially 9,10,11 we have asked our very own Elmer Fudd to concentrate on these holes during his weekly nocturnal hunting forays.

Enjoy your golf,
The Greens Team.