The Team gets to Work!

Gestalt – The organised whole. The Team. Us. The Greenies. Greater than the sum……..

Target  – 27 Holes. Barassie. Wishboned between railroad tracks. North Troon by way of Killie.

The Job – Make a difference.

We Rumbled and rolled; Cut and slashed; Raked and trimmed; Fed and watered; Shaped and restored; Top dressed and seeded – life restored; Built Tees and bunkers. All winter, spring and into summer (?).

Result – 12 epistles of praise by way of past captains, past and present committee commissars, and members reflecting on tidiness, green speed and flatness, fairway recovery, bunker changes, new tees and even the safety of fellow members.

“Kwality” say the Greenies’.  Gestalt (you must have looked it up by now) – a very sincere thank you to all that took the time to write, it really does make a difference when we hear that work is appreciated.

And we know, that false praise can be the enemy of performance. We also know and can feel the power of positive enforcement – never miss a chance to say good job (OMG – weve gone from murdering James Ellorys staccato, to bullshit bingo – Doc quick he’s aff his meds again).

We did have a couple of more critical approaches that rightly focused on the drought affected bare areas and the basic nature of all our manifold walkways and paths.

On the bare bits normally we would want our lovers as exposed as possible but the course needs to retain its modesty, as bald and bare may well evoke some thoughts. That’s why we are top dressing and reseeding as much as possible to restore a fully covered trimmed, tidy and fecund surfaces. The paths are a long term project that really starts with the 1st tee planned upgrade, and with Rugby Park now at Barassie we should be able to tackle a couple per year.

So rest assured Folks – your course is in good hands, even more so when we have doughty members out there divoting with the divots, thanks again Walter and Alan. There’s definitely a joke to be made somewhere in there…

Greens hand cut and rolled this week and will be Toro cut and rolled for the weekend.

Friday morning had the stimp meter getting close to 10.

Bare areas top dressed.

9, 10 and 11 fairways sprayed with growth enhancer.

Fairway shaping continues, and with the rough recovering most holes now have some clear definition.

Visit from Scottish Golf this week about the upcoming Women’s Amateur.

Not much really (apart from the 04:30 start on Friday Morning) and some work to the practice ground setting up a 6 – Wedge area as warm up.

Enjoy your golf

The Greens Team.