Apologies for last weeks truncated blog, when over half the content found the cutting room floor, as the editor slashed away. It was felt we had strayed a bit too close to the bone, the resultant smell of blood would have brought the sharks out to strip the meaning from the words, as some clever dude said: “Editing might be a bloody trade, but knives aren’t the exclusive property of butchers. Surgeons use them too.”

So it goes. (Kurt V).

This week’s been dominated by the high winds; Wednesday afternoon was definitely a 3-club difference day!
Damage wise we got away reasonably unscathed, about 10 trees down here and there, seats blown over and the like but luckily no damage to the course. We have the rudiments of a tree husbandry plan that we started last year that will be continued this year with priority being around the sheds, 3rd and 13th Links tees. We got lucky this time, might change next time.

We spent Thursday and Friday removing trees that were in the way of golf.


All greens sprayed with the new chemical to kill the leather jackets, tees will be done next week. Greens will be cut and rolled for the weekend.


We are seeing the first signs of growth from the reseeding work. If we can get a few good days hopefully they will come away nicely.

On the topic of irrigation, have a look at the 5th fairway – it’s the only one with full sprinkler cover and you can defo see the difference. The folks that installed the system did that for free, to wet (sic) our appetites if we ever felt it was worth doing more, but the costs now are absolutely crazy so as we said before that ship has sailed.

We had another budget meeting with the canny Dougie Reid the finance convenor – (I hope the editor’s blade is blunt this week). We must say what an excellent impression he always makes, straightforward, open and honest with a clearheaded and logical methodology as to how best to set out our budget plans to get the best value for the members.
The club is lucky to have him (and he only plays once a week which makes him the perfect member).

It’s such a pity that he is due to come off the Council this year after serving 3 years – one as marketing (with the Handsome Bob Anderson – no comments now) then switching to the council for the last two.

Constitutions eh ! Can’t beat em’ and don’t understand em’.

We asked for the world hoping to get a wee bit of Ayrshire.

The highlights being an increase of the permanent manning from 8 to 9 instead of the two 7months temps we used this year, 12.5k Course improvements that will cover gorse removal, rough cutting and collecting, tree felling, more tee areas at the 15th and 17th and do a couple of pathways up with the better (but more expensive) wooden sleepers; 17th green to 18th and 15th green to 16th tee for example.

We also asked if we could do, as a capital project, the first tee as per Paul Kimber design (we are defo going to sort the H/H 5th tee in January) and it would be efficient to swing the equipment needed for that over to the first and get it done, and also of course a fair wedge of cash for the irrigation system overhaul.

But we are nothing if not realistic, so as we say ask for the World………



Autumn meeting this weekend, I make no apologies for repeating this –

“time flies like an arrow,

fruit flies like a banana.”

Time marches on, not many more counters this season so enjoy them if you can. One competition we have resurrected is Greenkeepers day the following week.

I believe the Captain has some plans to ask you to show your appreciation to our heroic,

diligent, industrious, conscientious, assiduous, sedulous, painstaking, persevering, unflagging, untiring, tireless, indefatigable, but most of all Stoic Sheddees’. (Doctor Doctor, come quick the bigman needs another injection).
Please look out for the Captains note, and look out for some Greenkeepers revenge on the Day.

Enjoy your Golf

The Greens Team.