Hi Folks,


Greens continue to improve with hand cutting to 3mm, mind you on Wednesday morning mowers swapped for squeegees as we had a good few flooded first thing.


Some disease spotted early on some of the H/H greens. Quick detection meant it was treated that same morning, so well done to the guys for that.


A cutting, shaping and defining week. Greenies are both artists and artisans you know, and take great pride in the appearance of the course as well as the love and attention we give to all the different types of grass we deal with.


All grass walkways and bare areas around the course fed with growth enhancer.


The new holes continue to mature and are almost ready for play.

The green top dressed, hand cut and rolled and had a 9.5 stimpmeter reading. The surrounds and tees have been fed and cut.


On short notice the “raters” arrived on Thursday (after some excellent Machiavellian machinations by the GM) to assess the new layout and issue an SSS. All going well and we avoid any log jams at Scottish Golf HQ (over to you again agent Claire), we will hopefully get, at the very least, a temporary rating.  After that it’s set the SIs and get the cards printed and it’s ready to rock and roll.


Some interesting behind the scenes things going on as well this week. We had our second session with Carolyn Hedley of Scottish Golf (a free and excellent service) who is helping us compile our course management standards, that feeds down into more defined plans for maintenance, development (ie upgrades) and looking after our Natural habitat.


On the development front we have put some proposals to the council for: an upgrade to the first tee, revamping of bunkers on the first 3 holes, and extra tees (for the continued development of the Green Course and use in winter to avoid traffic damage at the main medal tees) at the 15th and 17th. As the first year of the 3/5 development plan.


Lapsing into the colloquial, the “coonsill” has oversight on all the clubs needs and a duty to responsibly manage the budget, so we may not get approval to do the work but it’s vital that we push for a continual improvement that both challenges us to deliver on cost and time, but ultimately seeks to enhance members golfing experience. In other words – “geeus the dosh” and we’ll get it done.

The first tee is a perfect example. At the moment it needs work to extend so it survives the winter play better and wood upgraded (like the 13th). This was first mentioned at the staff day, where the lads suggested we extend it both back and forward and turn a bit to flow away from the railway. Part inspired by Paul Kimber’s new sixth tees. In fact, if we get the go ahead PK will consult on a new design.


On the bunkers, an often-heard refrain at Barassie is “up the face again” (at the sheds it’s more like “oot ma face again”), but we digress. One of the reasons the ball seems to run up to the face is that it hass been years since we properly reshaped our bunkers, relying on man power to dig out prior to reface. This, done over a period of years, leads to deeper, uneven outlines that make revetting more difficult and ultimately unable to get the finish we would like.

Again, if you look at the six new bunkers, all revetted by us, you can see how much better they look and we are sure they will play more fairly as well, unless of course you thin one into a bunker at pace then you deserve your medicine.



The Green Course – to give some background, this was first brought to our attention by the redoubtable and indefatigable Rona Walker, a stickler for the rules but a champion of fun golf (a complex juxtaposition I know but that’s Rona)!

The ideal is to create a course that’s 5 – 5.5 k yards long, without carries or overly testing drives that would be played by Folks new to the game and those of us who aren’t the players we once were, but still allowing everyone to play for the love of the game. At some point green tees will be incorporated into the score card rendering them “ooffishal”

So, if funding allows expect to see more forward green tees being built, which handily will be perfect for winter play too.


Looking further ahead, a new group has been formed to look at what’s being called “Phase 2 – Course Redevelopment”, with a brief of having ready detailed plans and costings to revamp the loop at the far end of the Links, should there be a groundswell of members so overwhelmed with joy at the new layout, delirious on ecstasy errr…. sorry, with ecstasy, that they want more new holes and they want them now, we have everything in place to ride that wave as it crashes against the rocks of “hod on a bit we’re skint”. We can but dream.


Our first proposal, to visit and play all Open venue courses for “ideas and information gathering” (as our politicos invariably say when off on a jolly), was rejected on grounds of “your havin’ a laugh”. Which indeed we were, but worth a try.

Seriously the first meeting decided a few things: To concentrate on the loop, to approach Kimber golf to see if they are both interested and available and to invite KG to KBGC for informal chat ( we have no budget yet).

And to have an earliest start date of Autumn 2020.


Enjoy your golf.


The Greens team.