Lots going on at the moment. Markers moved, ball washers out and filled with Fairy Liquid , benches out for weary legs, bunkers filled and ready for play, walkways cored, worst of the walks returfed, bunkers shaved,  fairways brought into play, greens hand cut, semi rough brushed, distance markers lifted and cleaned, divots picked up and still time to remove a couple of fallen trees. Quite a mouthful eh?

You may have noticed that a pump is broken at the relatively new drainage system at the start of the 16th fairway – this should be fixed soon but unfortunately with a new pump at 1.5k spend. Money money money, it’s a rich man’s world right enough.

The Agronomist from the R&A (the dude is free – due to us hosting a big tournie next year) spent the day at the course – in general he was very pleased with the place but a highlighted a few areas that we need to pay attention to – fairway recovery going well but needs sand (in hand from start of next week) and the semi rough needs some wetting agent to allow penetration of some light fertiliser. Again, we have this in hand but he reckons we are, in the main, where we would like to be.

It’s also worth blowing your minds by describing his last gadget best I can – the pogo greens monitoring system that gives a 3D look at the firmness and consistency of bounce on the greens in real time from the cloud!

Eh? #Whatchewonabout I hear you say.

Run that bye me again please? Ok here goes –  a probe that you stick into various points in the green, that includes a tool that’s dropped on the green sending “good vibrations” to get probed up and sent to a satellite, then the cloud that produces in real time a fancy multi coloured “firmness map” on your phone or hand held device so we can tell, for example: if we are being efficient with our watering and top dressing, do we need to core or scarify and loads of other stuff that helps us do the best we can in targeting our always under pressure resources.

I think that’s how it works!

Needless to say, “we’re no’ gettin’ wan” as we are defo not the R&A but we will get to use it for nowt for the next 18months and by then it will be a free app on yer phone, so everyone can pogo -but no spitting for you unreconstructed punk rockers out there.

Really positive budget meeting this week: Monies released for a couple of new bits of kit (big spreader and a new turf cutter); a more aggressive approach to our current leasing arrangement with a long term plan to phase out the current agreements and reduce the 70k cost per year; over haul the irrigation pumps and complete the upgrades to the sprinkler heads (25% done already); approval to improve and extend the 1st tee to include a starters hut; an additional full time labourer and a replacement engine for one of our heavy duty workman buggy.

All of this is thanks to the recent member surge as all entry monies go into the capital fund for improvements, upgrades and buying new equipment outright, as well as the obvious more members = more money from subscriptions.

The vibe at the sheds is copacetic.

Enjoy your golf

The Greens Team.