Can we start off with an apology (of sorts) – in our build up to the Spring Meeting it was only on the Monday that it fully dawned on us just what having the clash of the Easter hols meant – i.e. only having  4 Greenies available for the Friday and Saturday and 3 for the next 2 days – which meant we couldn’t hand cut in the build-up. Although the greens were Toro cut and rolled, they didn’t get to the target 9.5 stimp reading and although cut on the Wednesday the tees were also not the standard we are looking for – we hope the great weather made up for that.

Easter and Spring Meetings don’t mix.

With the much-needed rain last week we got all the greens sprayed with wetting agent (you know that’s the stuff that opens up the “tight” greens and allows water to get to the roots). The new green got some more TLC and we think will come good with some growth. This week was dry again which leaves us watching the forecast hoping for more rain.

It duly came last night and this morning had us spraying wetting agent left right and centre, as more rain is due.

Sorry that it comes on Saturday but, honestly, we have no control over that.

The irrigation system has been busy and to use the fitba’ vernacular “without a proper pre-season” so its grumbled and (mis) fired into action with all the enthusiasm of being asked to dance with yer Granny at a family wedding. The Big Man has been out on site manually switching on various heads at dusk – you can’t do enough for a great employer eh Big Man?

We hope you notice the efforts on shaping the fairways and in keeping the bunker surrounds well shaved, while hirsute is still in vogue with the hipsters we like our surrounds well clipped.

On the actual bunker faces they seem to have better growth than almost anywhere else, so they’ll get a good cut very soon.

Tuesday saw James Ireland return with the BMF rotovator (BMF is an American acronym Big Mother F…..) to get the old 7th fairway ready for seeding as a turf nursery. James is also the guy that’s got our rough under control and always gives great VFM and he is a BMF as well!

Another apology for the delay in getting the new layout holes signs sorted – it slipped off the radar but we are working on it.

The Big Man drove a hard bargain but eventually got some quality Astro turf for the new HH 5th walkway – however “gang aft agley” would best describe our initial attempts to make a start on fitting it , but to paraphrase the aforementioned Rab B “if at first you don’t succeed sink the boot then the heed” – enough to say the drawing board is being revisited.

The Captain aided by the effervescent Jim (@nevershutsup) Clark is in negotiations with a local provincial club (i.e. diddy team) for their old synthetic pitch that could see the first real shift away from the ubiquitous shell paths so watch this space.

Talking of el Capitano’, he led a 7 man team filling in rabbit holes and divots out at the loop – great work and thanks to all. Rumours that Sam fell into one and had to be pulled out are “greatly exaggerated”.

The TUSerrs (tidy up squad) did a sterling job on the 3 to 4 walk, again our thanks to all.

We have a new twater account – @BarassieGreens so look out for Course updates and news for those that claim the blog is too long. Awrite Spud.

Mind you, us older members huvnae’ a scobby about twater’ or indeed about any of this new technology, legend has it one of them was spotted waving his new contactless credit card at a computer screen, wondering why it’s no’ Beepin’.

Enjoy your golf

The Greens Team.