Sitting in my usual spot writing this, looking down at the new hole, reading the agronomist report and having a critical review of things that didn’t quite come off and need sorted as the hole “convalesces”. A bit like fixing some plaster work in a new build house as you hope and pray that it’s not built on an old mine.


Gorse – although left for “aesthetic effect”, it needs cut back at the tee – to the right of tee and right of green

Heather transplants have been a failure (bit like Donald T when his piles were so bad he needed a new backside but unfortunately the new backside rejected him) so we will cut them back and replace with some marram grass.

The unseeded bit we left to grow in wild has been taken over by Yorkshire fog and “rank” grass, as in bad not top (a bit like the folk that always stay the night after parties- never yer good mates), and needs cut back and cleaned up.

Shell paths need replaced with something better if we ever get enough money. We took the cheapest option for the path and although it looks fine from a distance the “carry” of the shells leaves the tees always looking untidy. Hopefully as the shell gets more compacted the carry will not be as bad

The 6th fairway has some wet bits that need to be fixed as well.

All going well we will get most of this addressed before we reopen, and all told the work has stood up really well, but given constant improvement is our culture in the sheds we will endeavour to do just that (cough, splutter – the BS bingo equivalent to two fat ladies).


The bunker work continues albeit by hand and slowly, while we try and get the training in place to allow us to rent an 8-ton digger to help on the bunkers and get a load of sand mined as we talked about last week and we’ve got a digger lined up at a very good rental price.


We started the 15-16th path upgrade using some of the turf lifted from the 7th – we hope to fully upgrade the rest of the path to tie in with the H/H 5th tee work at the start of next year.


The Hillhouse greens got the treatment this week, so they are now slow, sandy and bumpy – perfect! We have another two top dressings to come before we consider a cut and roll. It’s a bit like when the dentist, sweating profusely, has to get the big pliers out to pull that stubborn tooth, you’re thinking is this worth it?

We believe it is so stop moaning and open wider!


We cut away the forlorn, lonely and sad wee bit o’ gorse bush next to the right-hand bunker at the 5th. It’s one of those you won’t even notice but we did so it’s gone.


Cut and collect here next week to get the rough cut back, starting on the Hillhouse which did not get done at all last year. Then it’s on to the Links where it’s grown back in “biggly” as the leader of the free world would say. Sad!


Enjoy your golf


The Greens Team