Old Will S might have been a sassenach but a memorable line or two he could indeed write:

Cold indeed, and labor lost: Then farewell heat, and welcome frost!”

As we woke to the first frost of the year, there was for once an honest excuse for being a few minutes late – “Boss hud tae clear the motor windaes”.


By 8:30 the place looked magnificent and it’s Ryder Cup weekend as well. Hopefully you like the boys attempts to add a little bit of “scintillait” (sparkle in French for those of you that dogged French lessons at school) to the Links.


Not only that but it’s also Greenkeepers weekend. We hope you appreciate our efforts to make Saturday a wee bit different but regardless if you played or not we will offer a gentle reminder not to leave the box at the bar undisturbed when showing your thanks to the team for all the hard and for the most part unseen work this season.

We thank you all in advance.


Testing week out on the Links. We were still clearing up the mess left by storm Ali (which was in no way comical) then to be hit, no undermined literally, by a wee bestie (I had another “b” word in there but as we said last week the editors knife is sharp) – a mole that dug its way to daylight on the 15th green.

On the tree clean-up we shouldn’t be amazed anymore by the amount of work getting rid of them but we are, so much so that we’ve called in Robbie “big hauns” Drummond with his brand new big muncher. Hopefully we will be able to mulch up all the piles of cut branches that are currently clogging up the “sand pit” in a day or so.

On the mole damage we’ve fixed it up as well as we can but it’s left a bit of the green GUR, so please folks try and stay off it. The European Mole is a determined wee bugger (wi hauns even bigger than Robbies) and prolific too not only in search of its grub, mostly earth worms, IN that it will eat half its body wt a day, resulting it tunnelling over 100’ a day, but the average litter is 6 and within 4 weeks the youngsters are kicked out to dig away on their own (no bank of mum and dad fur them). As a result they are a constant nuisance on the Course. We hunt them relentlessly but as we say they are hard to keep down (vermin cong right enough) which reminds us to watch Caddyshack again to see if it’s still funny.

Last week we talked about budgets and the like – one important part that we did not mention was the high cost of our current equipment leasing payments.
Now don’t get the impression that we are putting on our hindsight 20/20 specs here as leases were taken out at a time when member numbers, visitor numbers and income in general was falling not only at KBGC but Dundonald was for sale and Turnberry too, with dire editorials in the golfing press about clubs sinking into holes and and and … get the picture – capital spends on new equipment would have required a leap of faith that golf clubs committees just weren’t built for.
Things change and sometimes (in fact a lot of times) for the better regardless of what the daily mail says, and we find ourselves in a much better position that the finance experts i.e. Dougie reckon. He reckons we would be better served buying good second-hand kit and reducing our leasing costs which is fine with us, the last two years has seen the club spend nearly 50k on a new equipment wash station and a good second-hand sidewinder grass cutting machine (which are both excellent btw) so the move is already underway. As we said last week, Dougie has a clear and coherent strategy that will bring best value to the members. So, rock on Dougie.


Enjoy your golf


The Greens Team.
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