Hi Folks,


Remember we mentioned disease last week (the grass one), well here’s one of the shedders flexing their knowledge muscles to give you the down low – It’s called Fusarium (or Michrodochium nivale to give it its proper name). Loves humid, damp conditions so the warm weather followed by the rain and cooler temperatures has probably set it off. I applied a Fungicide to all the Hillhouse greens which will kill it off and also prevent further outbreak. Sometimes a blanket spray isn’t best practice but, in this instance, we felt it was needed. Noticed a bit on a couple of the Links greens this morning but we have decided to monitor it for now. With drier weather forecast it may not come to anything. Kwality.


We were delighted to hear the member guest day went well, with the Course being positively reviewed by the players, a special mention needs to go to Bazzer and Gazzer, (well, its World Cup time so may as well lower the tone with fitba’ speak).

They cut and rolled the full 19 greens and raked every bunker on the Links first thing Sunday morning, (usually a 4-man job), 4hrs of hard graft on a roasting Sunday morning.

Well done lads.

Steven, the hard-working Dr Auld, and of course the Captain, also deserve great credit as well. Steven for the prep work, Dr Chris for spending what was a beautiful day collating the scores and Graeme for setting up the longest drives and NTP.

To think the M&G day was heading for scrap heap just a few years ago, it’s thanks to the hard work done by both paid staff and volunteers like the good Dr that’s it’s back in rude health.


Sometimes during our team bonding sessions (or to give them their more familiar title – tea break), trapped between quantum physics and will Scotland ever qualify for the World Cup again, the future of Barassie is ruminated upon.


Our longest serving “inmate” started when there we only a handful of trees (in fact he planted most of the ones currently dominating the skyline), the head Greenkeepers were brothers that augmented the 60hrs they worked on the course by working every night in the bar, during which time drinking drink for drink with the members (them were the days). so when he asks “where’s the club gauin’“ it’s brilliant to say …….


Up, how?(cause us Ayrshire folk get really confused by the how and the why). Well here’s how….


Membership Up (always the single most important part of any club).


Course quality and enjoyment – Up


Catering – Up (which not so long-ago cost members 1k per week in subsidies).


Clubhouse – Up with plans to do more (in fact, the facilities duo of Norman A and Billy McD are setting a high bar in terms of work costings and planning – Great work guys but……………….show us yer blog)! New doors, good paint job, even the flagpole is more erect with its new outriders.


Governance (ie removing archaic rules and regulations) – Up


Income – (after a terrible winter visitors, members guest, new members entry fees) – Up


Perceptions (reality is perception) Up


Dynamic plans to continuously improve as per the new Business Strategy – Up


House building in the area – Up.


We could go on but how long do you think our tea breaks last?


So all in all if we keep working hard, being open to new ideas and methods and looking at the positives then the only answer we can logically state to that original question is – Up.


Dum vitet Barassie!

(Long live)


More prosaic matters now, (sed aeque momenti), Greens hand cut to 3mm again this week, Wednesdays medal had a perfect 10 OTS. Great work guys.


Greens and tees sprayed with wetting agent, and lots of cutting and shaping done.

Aqua man Jim firing water about like an extra from London’s burning.


Don’t forget Greens maintenance for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this coming week – Verti-cutting, overseeding and top dressing, brush in, turf iron and finally a good dose of water.

The fixture list has the Links closed until 12 for all three days but we will keep Gregor and James in the pro shop informed of progress and get it open as soon as we can.


The new holes getting the finishing touches -Pathways dressed with more shells, new bins, new ball washers and area prepared for Past Captain Douglas Orr’s bench. As an aside if anyone wants to donate a bench there’s no need to wait “until yer brown bred” just tell Steven, flash the cash (approx 350 “queens heeds”) and we’ll take it from there. So you can at least use the seat you paid for!


The GM has been keeping a close watch on Scottish Golfs progress on the rating of the two new holes and has been assured we would have an SSS for the new layout by this coming Wednesday.

Stop the presses – SSS unchanged for red, white and blue so, three cheers for the red, white and blue!

And of course, the yellow as well but it kind of ruins the wee hip hip hooray, so left it till last.

Red     76

Blue    75

White  74

Yellow 72.


The SIs have been reviewed (thanks to Ian Harvey for his assistance with the men’s), so as soon as we have the ladies review, it’s off to the printers for new cards.


So, one final agronomist check to do – a sample core to double check the root penetration and root health then, bang on for our mid-summer target, without any serious dramas or budget overruns, it will be ready for play. Canny wait!


Mounted the Captains (careful now), clock at the first tee, so all you impatient swingers have no excuse to tee off early, this is another small measure that will hopefully help the banish the devil that is 3 groups on the fourth tee. If you want to see the Captains clock (not a euphemism) it hangs to the right of the first tee.

We also hope it does not suffer the same fate as one of the small green hand towels did at the 18th tee, someone obviously keen on a memento of their day, has taken the new green one and replaced it with a scabby old black one!

So, if the Captains clock (I stress again not a euphamsim) is replaced with a ten bob Casio, they will most likely have a green towel in their bag as well.


So, in keeping with the Latin theme started so well by the Greenies,


Vestra Frui Golf.




The Greens team.