“When proud-pied April, dressed in all his trim, Hath put a spirit of youth in everything…….”

This Shakespearean sonnet should infuse us all with a renewed desire to stride the Links but for some, ie us, there’s nothing spring like as we drag old and weary limbs out of bed at 05:30am (more like “grass growing through skeletons”), but we do hope you get out, play and see the new growth for yourselves, and judge if the hard work we have done over the winter has been worth it.

From all the Greenies we wish you all the best of golfing fortunes for the coming season.

A few things from Steven (the servicing members staffer) about some of the additions to the playing calendar. Tomorrow sees the first “Club Stableford“ that is a one class, open to all members (that’s mixed in old money for those of you still stuck in the 20th century), fourball allowed, no full starting sheet ie the same as non-Medal Saturdays and is a counter for handicap purposes.

Also he has moved the start time for the first White Medal to 7am (in previous years April medals have been 7:30 starts) to give members more times, which in turn means we, your humble Greenies have a 06:15 start, we’re not moaning just saying ( believe that if you will, the greetin’ and nashing of teeth could be heard in Irvine) anyway we hope it helps.

The other new comps being introduced will be covered before they are played.

On the course we have been concentrating on the Hillhouse this week with all bunkers tidied up with sand added where needed. We have now spent a record amount on bunker sand and we have not quite finished, but most of the bunkers are now back in play. Talking of GUR we’ve taken away most of the areas, so it’s play as you find it unless of course it’s an animal scraping then you get relief.

We modified the steps on the Hillhouse bunkers on 7 and 8 to keep us on the right side of the rules Thanks Rona, it’s a fantastic asset for the club to have such a knowledgeable member.

Today sees the new holes back on a permanent basis with the white and blue layouts in place next week for the first counter a week Saturday.

The old sixth green will be maintained just in case we have any problems with the new green, but the plan is that if all goes well the new layout will stay like that until phase 2 that will sort out the loop at the far end of the course.

All greens fed this week, so we have been Toro cutting, but we will start hand cutting again this week and we must say they are starting to look the part (is self-praise the first sign of insecurity? Us? Like the gentleman that runs America? Surely no’).

Our “Dear Leader” Claire got rave reviews for her presentation to the British and International Golf Greenkeeping Association (BIGGA) at Perth earlier this month and not only from our lads. On a fact-finding mission to Dundonald (actually casing the joint to steal their best kit) one of their Greenies was so impressed that he asked about joining, which is fantastic, so well done to Claire.

Enjoy your golf

The Greens Team.