Been a bit wet of late – 130mm in July – 60 of them in just two days (that’s just over 5” and the main reason “small” folk like the metric system), more than the previous 3 months combined. The course handled it well, taking this deluge of water and growing like a 12 year old boy with the Littlewoods catalogue, hands up (or down in this case) anyone that took that to bed telling mum that you were looking for new football boots but always seemed to linger at the lingerie section!

Ironically all the talk during this wet spell has been around the irrigation pumps – we had planned and budgeted for a 10k spend overhauling the two main pumps, but recent expert advice has made us think again. We are now back to a full-blown pump replacement at around 30k. So, it’s something we need to get right that will last the nearly 30 year the existing system has.

If you’ve noticed some new bits of kit knocking about don’t worry we haven’t bankrupted the club (not yet anyway) but Brian and Doug are working on various aspects of our rolling stock deals and the companies involved are very keen for us to try out some of their kit, so it’s all trials at the moment.

Hand cutting these last few weeks has been interesting – one of the weeks the clutch went in one of the Toros and we cut all 27 by hand. With only 4 machines, the average length of walks was 12.5km over four hours which I must say greatly reduced “the crack” at tea time as the troops fell into their chairs, to nurse sare feet and bodies.

Looking at the state of some of the lads it’s good that we have a defibrillator station at the sheds now.

So, when we’ve not been cutting grass, we’ve been cleaning the machine for cutting grass.

All this growth again highlights that we can’t cut the all the fairways before play, due to only having one machine.

Saturday morning will see a Toro cut and roll with a target of 9.5 – 10.

Enjoy your golf.

The Greens Team.