Our auld pal Billy S –

And thou away, the very birds are mute;
Or if they sing, ’tis with so dull a cheer
That leaves look pale, dreading the winter’s near.

Yellow course now in play and in case your wondering why these horrible yellow box’s are out it’s mainly because they are easy to place in the frost and to save the newer yellow markers as the location pins are getting all bent so we decided to give them a winter break.

Lots going on down at the sheds, not least the completion of the late autumn greens maintenance that allowed us to get a cut and roll and get the putting surfaces back decent again, that coincided with some very nice overhead conditions, ( that’s the weather to the plain takers), so you’ve no excuse for the 3 putting now.

We finally got our fingers out and rented a digger, the deal is we rent for a month that includes familiarisation and some onsite training. We have started with some basic work like sand reclaim and we even went as far a filling in that horrible bunker 100yards short of the Links 1st green, which is actually the very first act in our planned bunker review, it’s something we as a club have been putting off for years now, but as per the strategy document we plan to get in about it over the next 3 years, with the required turf coming from the 7th fairway this year and from the turf nurseries that we harrowed and seeded in the spring being ready for the following years work.

The second phase of rough cut and collect took place this week, with all the work getting done in one day instead of the planned two, which helps to keep the costs down for once, last year we concentrated on the Links, so this year we started on the Hillhouse 6th, 4th, 9th, 1st and 2nd then moving on to the Links 1st , 14th, 15th, 17th the new hole and then the 10th, 11th and 9th. The cut and collect has proved both successful and economic, with the regrowth being much less than if you leave the cut grass in place which our rough cutter does. You only have to look at how thick the rough is at the Links 3rd for evidence (the cut and collect is too big for the burn bridges), and at £600 per day (with an operator)for 120k worth of kit, is a great deal we think.

As we talked about last week the agronomists report challenged us in various areas, not least advising on a more aggressive fairway Management plan, heavy sanding and increased use of wetting agent, which will add at least 15k to our seeds and fertiliser spend as well as requiring us to buy a decent spreader at another 20k, given this is some serious amounts of dosh we felt it best to ask him back share his knowledge on why he felt this was necessary to the Captains and the Chair, (affectionately know as “the bunch of C’s), so the Council, when setting next years budget, could decide if this was money we really need to spend. If wisdom is the application of knowledge then we are sure that the council will act wisely.

Some of the great mysteries may never be fully explained, like how did the ancient Egyptians actually build and astrologically align yon pyramids ? The Big Bang – if thats when the Universe was created who made the noise and who was hanging about to hear it ? Why are we here and more relevantly what am I going on about ?
Well its really to ask for your help in solving one of Barassies great mysteries, why, when a tee breaks it disnae seem to fit back into your pocket ? And unbelievably (sic) the white and yellow tees seem worse than the reds implying that the red users are able to put a broken tee back in their pockets,(no doubt to take back to Gregor and say “this broke can I have a free replacement please” always polite as well as tidy the red tee users). When you think about it every tee on the ground comes out of someones pocket so why are so many broken tees littering our course ? What will that broken tee do in your pocket that turns you into a litter lout on the course ?
I’m sure you’ll solve this mystery but then again maybe not.

Enjoy your golf

The Greens Team.