Missed last week due to a contractual dispute when a rival club bid an astoundingly high 90p for the “rites” (last hopefully, says you) to the blog. I was mentally unable to declare myself 100% fit to fully commit to a few paragraphs of hubris and can’t.
But am aw’rite noo’ after being promised an irn bru and a packet of monster munch so lets go……


Greens hand cut twice again this week, with a cut and roll on Saturday morning. You’ll have also noticed the new rakes. Remember folks please place them outside the bunkers and if you can use both hands when you rake please do so. We are now seeing much less sand build up at the fronts so that’s great and most of the feedback has been favourable. Oh, and the Captains clock (careful now) needed some work so we donned our rubber gloves and changed the batteries.

A high horse has just trotted up so jumping on. We can see from our vantage point an increase in pitch marks due to the softer conditions so neigh mare needs said.

A fairway recovery plan is now in place that will eat up both time and money over the next few weeks and involve a fair bit of member cooperation. The work will involve seed injection using a specialised machine pulled by a great big tractor (the wee boy in me loves great big tractors), top dressing using cleaned soil and finally water if the rains don’t come. The biggest cost is seed at approx. 4k compared to around 3k for the seeder and tractor hire, 3k for the top dressing and machine, then 1.5k for wetting agent and fertiliser you can get an idea of how fast the costs mount up. As we said in the last blog we had the chance to fit the full irrigation system a while ago but took the cheaper option as Springsteen sings in “The price you pay”


“You make up your mind, you choose the chance you take

You ride to where the highway ends and the desert breaks”

(It’s really about hopes and dreams but all I could think off today!).


On the positive side it was a brilliant summer. If it rains all summer next year we’ll just have to spend money on drainage and I know what one I would rather have to splash the cash on.


To try a keep the rental cost to a minimum and ensure we get everything done as soon as we can, we have changed work rotas and agreed to pay overtime (offset by minimising the length of time of the rental of the machine) to keep the machines running as many hours per day that we can.
So we would respectfully ask if you encounter the ongoing work, that you take one of the following options.
1/. Miss the hole out altogether if at all possible and you’re playing a bounce game.
2/. Move your ball to place on the hole that’s not being worked if possible
3/. Take a few minutes and wait until the run the tractors on is finished – basically the tractor has priority on the hole.


Or of course: none of the above, sod it and charge on!

BIGGA, the Greenkeepers association had their annual day out on the Links yesterday and the course was highly praised by all. It’s always good to get praise but when it’s from your peers it’s even more special, so we thanked them bigly for that.
Enjoy your golf


The Greens Team.