Hi Folks,


Usual cutting and shaping this week, with the emphasis on divot filling for all 27 holes.

Greens hand cut twice again this week to 3.5mm, and will be cut and rolled Saturday morning with a target stimp of 9.5.

New green required some extra feeding on Wednesday, with a quick start growth enhancer – like all youngsters, it needs its grub.


Nothing is ever perfect (‘cept me obviously) but we missed a cover on the new hole drain well to the left of the green, so thank you to the member who spotted it. He is adamant that it was someone else’s ball he was looking for (aye rite’), so since he helped out we’ll believe him. Boys fixed it on Thursday, good work fellas.


Visit from R&A sustainability team who have been looking at the various projects we have both ongoing (bee hotels, bug holiday camps, wild flower areas and the like) and planned (the biggest of which is a nature reserve). Now don’t you folks go thinking of lions and zebras for goodness sake – more like frogs, toads, flora and fauna. This would be at the “pond” to the side of the Links 5th and HH 7th and as we have shown willing there is a good chance of getting some funding for the work so that would be croaking (0ch! that’s bad).


Paul Kimber visited on Saturday morning, to look at some options for phase two. Just to remind everyone this is a long term project with the earliest start date of late 2020 that will follow exactly the same path as phase one.

  1. Initial design
  2. Sub group approval
  3. Council and Committee approval – not least funding options.
  4. Detailed costing and impact on play study, which means back to the “cabinets” again (well we have chairs already) to look at cost v affordability.
  5. EGM for member approval.
  6. Let’s get into it.


All that in itself will take a while but as we have said before the longest journeys always start with small steps.


While he was here we asked him to do a redesign of the first tee and look at the bunkers on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of the Links. This is as per the strategy document for next winters work, should the Council feel the club can afford to move ahead this winter.

The first tee needs an upgrade as a minimum (new wood and made bigger) so we thought that we may as well take advantage of our relationship with Paul and see what a “proper” tee would both look like and more importantly cost.


We paid a visit to our nearest neighbours this week, the two houses at the back of the third tee, to ask permission to cut back the overhanging trees that are hindering growth on the white and blue tees. Looking positive at the mo’.


The shedders can, like Desperate Dan can smell pies, smell top quality top soil being dug within a 5 mile radius, and as a result we have opened negotiations with the excavators preparing the ground for the second phase of the Troon/Loans housing. We are hopeful that we can cut their fuel costs by using KBGC as a place for them to deposit some top soil at no cost (or at the most a fourball), which  we can then use to build tees, seed cleared gorse areas and loads of other things.

Still a final meeting to take place, but hopefully we can make it happen.



“If a battle cannot be won don’t fight it” Sun Tzu – The art of war.


After a good few skirmishes, reconnoitres, debates and swear words, it comes to pass that to fully load up and totally commit to a “war on water fountains “ would indeed be a war we could not win, given both the supply problems and the much more vexatious and dreaded hygiene standards that now exist.  As much as we would like to be able to hydrate our members it would appear that it’s not quite good enough if we leave a few with water poisoning. So our apologies but the water fountains will be turned off and the long term future will be decided by good folks that freely give their time to help run the club (colloquially and affectionately known as nutters).

Fear not though, as Gregor has kindly agreed on a deal for water one for a pound or two for a fiver (check small print for terms and conditions).


We had a visit from our tree removal specialist, big Robbie “Hauns like shovels” and “Airms like Popeye”, with a fantastic offer of a tractor driven wood chipper second hand for a great price. He was good enough to leave it with us to try it out and decide if we want it – so look out overhanging branches your numbers up.


Enjoy your Golf


The Greens Team.