Now folks let’s kick off with a ‘elf’n’saftee (copyright © imatwatrichardlittlejohn) pronouncement (are there any other type).

Space on the practice ground is tight to hooked drives off the first and off the 18th so we have, after extensive research come up with a three step “programme” to ensure the continued health of our practitioners when you hit it left 1/. Read the sign 2/. Shout Fore as loud as you can 3/. Book a lesson  

Job done, right let’s sort out this Brexit thing ……

Talking of the PG, oor Baz needs plenty of it and has over this last week done some great work on the chipping area and maximising the areas post gorse removed a couple of seasons ago. Looking good ma man!

There’s a longer-term plan (yes, we do actually think longer than the day after tomorrow which incidentally will be yesterday in a few days) to extend and upgrade the practice ground – so watch this space.

Paul Kimber visited last weekend to finalise the upgrade and extension of the first tee which all going well will start late Autumn. This will move the tee tight against the fence so that should help as well.

The new tee at the “Cock of the North” should be opened soon, with the very labour-intensive laying of a new path taking longer than expected. We have some experience laying the synthetic grass but this is the most ambitious project yet so it will be interesting to see how it bears up.

Upgrading paths and walkways is a key objective in the strategic plan, but as with most things consumes a lot of time, energy and of course plenty of “Queens Heeds” (money).

If you have the google earth app take a look at KBGC and you will see just how much shell path we actually have, and realise the full scope of work required.

Work on this has delayed the bunker faces getting a haircut but we’ll get there soon.

The spring wetting agent and fertilisation program is now complete so you can lick your balls again (We mean golf balls!!).

Brian on the BBC! No, it’s not a pie eating contest but the possibility of BBC Scotland doing a feature on the efforts to encourage wild life on the course with the help and guidance of the Scottish Wildlife Trust.

A party of SWT vollees’ did more work on the course last week, creating a path that runs from the Links 5th winter back up to the 5th blue tee which is really good,  so if there is anyone that actually watches that new channel you may well see a Past Captain and the Big Man talking shite (re. sorry highlighting the tremendous efforts of the SWT and the club).

Greens for the weekend – Toro cut and rolled if the forecast frost doesn’t come.

Rough starting to grow – so remember hit a provisional please.

Rob Runs a Race! Not just any old race but the effin’ London Marathon (just the biggest race of all) and in under 4hrs an’aw – Brilliant effort mate well done.

Craig is doing it next year and has started jogging to the roll and sausage shop and eating his 3 a day without butter. 

Rob also tells me that we have a few followers on Twitter so look out for Course updates starting Monday from @BarassieGreens.

Enjoy your golf

The Greens Team.