It’s the hope that kills you – just ask any Gers fan.

Hope – the ancient Greeks thought it was a self-deception best left in Pandora’s box. Past-Captain (I’m sure he was somewhere) Albert Camus agreed but felt that human life was impossible without it and St Augustine brought it into a holy trinity with faith and love.

In the sheds we are post hope, recognising its actions that matter good or bad, right or wrong and that it’s not enough just to hope that things get done you have to actually make them happen.

We had hoped the folk would use the designed accesses to the new tees – “no happenin’”.

We had hoped for the old brushes on the debris collector would do another year – naw new brushes required.

We had hoped that folk would shout “fore” off the first tee if someone was on the practice ground – naw again

We had hoped that pool of water at the walk to the new 12th would just disappear – not!

We hoped that rakes would be left OUT of the bunkers.

We hoped that the regrading of the access road would last longer than 18 months. We hoped that the Teflon pins in the tee markers wouldn’t bend or break. Anyway, to heck with hope, it’s doing things right first time that really makes the difference.

We “hope” you catch our drift here!

Some good news regarding Dougie and Brian’s more “aggressive” approach to the company that we lease a lot of our kit from. Now, by aggressive we don’t mean the big man dived in, sinking the boot then the heed – no it’s more of letting them know we have options and would be prepared to pull out the deals. This led to an almost 50% reduction in the buyout price for a couple of machines that are nearing the end of the lease. Which is a result as we are talking 40% lower and a start made in reducing our leasing cost going forward.

Good work fellas.

This week’s colder weather put paid to hand cutting but we did give the greens a coating of liquid seaweed in anticipation of the coming growth.  We Toro cut and rolled this morning and although there’s not been much growth, they should be a bit smoother than of late.

We also serviced the semi rough brush machine installing new rollers and bearings and wow the semi has come up really well (a semi on the rise is always nice).

New cups installed and are tight so please, same as last year if you could take care when pulling the pins out but we think this is the last piece that will see the holes stay in better shape during play.

All fairways and tees have had the divots filled ready for the coming growth.

Two of the lads did the chainsaw users course so that’s a total of 4 on the team, so next winter will see more of the problem area trees removed eg beside the Links 1st green as pine needles are all over the green or the 3rd tee where growth is being affected or the 18 tee we could go on…..

Swapped another 60 tons of top soil (£16 per ton to buy) from the Loans building site lads for a couple of 4 balls.

We had a minor outbreak of vandalism last week with the course toilets trashed, signs pulled out and some rakes broken – nothing too serious and it’s good to hear there’s some young folk not stuck behind a screen, but seriously if anyone notices anything odd please report it.

White and Blue tees now out full course now in play.

Enjoy your golf .