Hi Folks,

Budda reckons – “Sunsets are proof the endings can be beautiful “ (And Baz says “ye canny beat a happy ending”). 

So we were  sad to hear of Claire’s ending, we all got on well and she worked hard at bringing the “Human Resources” up to date. Contracts, T&Cs, assessments , and pay reviews together with Training and development have all greatly improved, all done with the aim that if we are treated well the course will feel the ultimate benefit.
However the most important part of any club is to have new folk wanting to join and it’s not so long ago we had 420 members and falling , we now have 500 with an upward trend so Claire is leaving us in rude health, which by any metric is impressive. 
Although your stay was short (certainly compared to JTs 42 years) you will be fondly  remembered so any critics can “beat it”. 
We hear her next destination is 59Club, we wish Claire aw’ the best.

These last two weeks have fair flown in. 
From Scottish Ladies to the mid summer greens blitz we’ve been working harder than Boris J’s barber.
To good effect we hope, to explain why we get ripped in about what looked like perfect greens, right slap bang in the middle of summer.
Solid core 8mm – seed tracked in – top dressing – brushing – ironing and finally a good 20 minute dousing is what we do which explains why we close the course. 
We’ve been doing it for a while now and we are seeing a year on year improvement in the firmness (top dressing)and trueness (Greens Iron) and fullness (seeding). So thanks to everyone’s understanding of the closures but not to them that kept asking why the course was closed – now you know so zip it. 

No hand cutting this week due to the work on the greens – Saturday will see a Toro cut and roll so although they won’t be as good by next week they will be. 

Tees have all been verti cut and top dressed and we continue cutting and shaping ( or sculpting as the hipsters would say).  

Paul Kimber produced the final plan for the 1st tees project – which is now has a firm start date of the 7th October
There will be some disruption to play but for the weekends at least we will use the new front tee, and probably move the Hillhouse first tees up the fairway. 

He also delivered plans for a radical upgrade to the practice ground, which look really good but the cost is over 100k so obviously this will require further discussion on funding and priority. 

Angst Alert – “Youse have been telt afor’ “- only when the car park is full should you use the over spill (as the sign infers!) we are trying to maintain the grass in the area, consistent offenders trying to get their motor in the front door are well kent’ and are engendering a deep loathing. 

Enjoy your golf 

The Greens Team.