“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair…”


Ah Chick D – they don’t rap like that anymore, which will have to do as a tenuous link to a tale of two letters this week. The first – an anonymous epistle decrying the course, in its entirety, and all the work that’s going on. Quotes include “why can’t we play from the fairways we used to before”; “the semi roughs a disgrace”; “why are you working on bunkers it’s making a mess”; “the greens are a soft and slow”; “although not in play the winter greens are a joke” and that was the compliments so you’ve got the tone. This mystery agronomist, course manager, greenkeeper and it seems Costa coffee expert “I’ve had better service in a coffee shop” had a pop at the catering staff, which made us feel just a little better cos when the shit flies it’s always best when it hits everyone.

All we can say is thanks for the input it’s good to know we can’t please all the people all the time.


Thankfully there’s a ying and yang, a Cheech and Chong (Up in smoke – a classic) and as Dickens inferred a darkness and a light. The light came in email (signed an’aw’) thanking the staff for all the hard work, saying how lucky Barassie members were to be playing hand cut greens in Dec and it was great to see all the work going on!

You have no idea how rewarding it is to get this type of praise especially from members whom we know are discerning and not afraid to be critical when we deserve it.

Highs and lows, ups and downs, swings and roundabouts, rough with the smooth (enough clichés for you?) as we stoically go about our work just trying to do the best we can. It really is rewarding to read positive comments and we know nothing is ever perfect but if you are so upset about the work we are doing (or not as the case may be) we fully understand that is an expression that you care and are frustrated with things as you see them; so please come and talk to us and we will try and explain what we are about, or at the very least put your name on the letter so we can single you out for bullying and intimidation ….er sorry …explain the course strategy as it appears in the Strategy Doc.


The rental digger went back on Friday last – six weeks for 3 grand not cheap but we feel we defo got VFM with all the work we got done: 10 bunkers reshaped or filled in, 4 new forward tees made, 400t off sand mined and a complete tidy up of the sand pit. Now comes the hard work catching up on turfing and refacing but hopefully by the spring the benefits will be obvious.


Monday sees the start of tree removal around the sheds – to get them down before they fall on us, bring some light so we can look at solar panels and to try and keep the gutters clear for water reclaim. We need the help of Robbie “Big Hauns” with his access basket, chipper and 20” blade as the main culprits with have to be taken down in small sections or they will go through the shed roof. More expense unfortunately but these buggers really need to come down.


Greens hand cut on Monday and will be again on Friday if the rain stays away.


Grass needs iron to make chlorophyll, necessary for photosynthesis. If the green chlorophyll does not develop in young grass, the leaves look yellowish-green and have yellow veins. This is called iron chlorosis. To keep it nice and green and healthy we add liquid iron late in the year – this was done this week.


We are having some problems with keeping our leased rolling stock on the go (e.g. top dresser and corer). The agreement should supply a temp replacement if the repair can’t be done onsite but there has been a change in the way our current leasing partners are managing the upkeep and as a result the breakdowns that have historically been repaired very quickly are now taking too long.

We have been talking for a while about reducing the amount of leasing we do, and this poor service makes that need greater.


The Big Man will put some proposals to the Council soon.


Chrimbo night out next week. We usually start drinking Thursday to make absolutely sure we are at peak inebriation on the Friday night cos as they say Christmas is a time when us alcoholics feel really part of something.

It’s one of our more curious customs – celebrating the birth of our Lord and Saviour by both giving hard liquor as presents (not a hint honest) and drinking as much as we can but we’re just glad to fit in for a couple of weeks a year.

“Go on have a drink” as “Chewing the Fat” sarcastically put it (BTW CTF was the younger and much funnier sibling of Still Game).


Enough! We can hear a pint being poured somewhere…….


Enjoy your golf


The Greens Team.