Busy week with all sorts going on.

Not least the arrival of over 90 rolls at 10m x 3m size from Rugby Park – massive thanks to Hamilton Tarmac for getting it down here and offloaded and to Captain Sam and the redoubtable Big Jim Clark for sealing the deal.

So 3000m2 of pitch seems like a hell of an amount but some perspective.

If we take our worst path (and the competition is tough) which could be 4th green to 5th tee – 95m x 3m = 295m2; or the HH 1st Green to 2nd green 170 x 3 = 510m2; or the 12th Green up to the 13th tee  and then down to the burn an incredible 350 x 3 = 1050m2. Those alone take up almost 2/3 of the total already. Then if you add the first tee project and maybe a new path from 17th green to 18th and that’s it gone!

Bottom line is it gives us the raw mats to get some of the worst walkways tidied up over the next few winters. Which should be perfect timing for the SPFL banning synthetic pitch’s and we can get another batch of Killie.

Course is coming along nicely we think – the growth is certainly improving and the greens stayed firm during the rains , we verticut the greens Monday/Tuesday and with a hand cut and roll this morning and another cut and roll tomorrow will be good for the Artillery Cup we think.

We are still going for a more shaped look to the fairways and have tried to make full use of a week’s trial of a new John Deer cutter – we hope you like it although just noticing will do.

The rough is getting thick in places so please hit a provisional.

The winter work areas are also getting better, bunker surrounds, walkways and bare areas on mounds etc have all been top dressed and seeded but need some time to get some growth going.

We have noticed increasing amounts of members playing the Links 13 – 18 early doors – and we hope you enjoy your golf, we really do, but can you just give a moment’s thought for us as we try and get the course ready for play. If you are cutting in, please try and give priority to any green cutting or bunker raking please. It really does make a big difference if we are not stopped by golfers ducking and diving around before we have cut the greens.

Enjoy your golf.

The Greens Team