Hi Folks,


Big news this week, Acelepryn (eh whit’) the chemical that kills the leather jackets has been given what’s being called “approval for emergency use” on Golf courses, race courses and intriguingly airfields, (must be some size of dragon flies)

Needless to say we are in a constant state of emergency at KBGC and have got our order in. For a big Fella Brian is quick off the mark.

This stuff costs over a grand a litre but the good news is that one litre will do all our greens and might even work out cheaper than the garlic substitute we have been testing, the Garlic worked to a degree but we are seeing increased activity on a good few greens so this dispensation has been timely.


This week saw a return to hand cutting at 3mm, with some interesting stats along the way re. the images attached for one man cutting The Links holes 1, 2, 3, 13, 15, and half of 14.  5.7mlies covered in just under 2hrs.


We are targeting 9.5 + on the stimpmeter for Saturday’s Artillery Cup ( one of KBGC’s Majors btw).


For those that don’t know this stimpmeter thing is not some high priced piece of modernity but simply a chute with a golf ball, raised up at one end until the ball rolls down and……I’m sure if your that interested you will google it like I have done ! Like Homer says , don’t ever ask a question unless you’ve googled it first.


Car park entrance and surrounds tidied up and all paths and walkways given the weed killer treatment.


New hole bunkers filled with sand and the two left hand bunkers on the 6/7th almost ready for play.


The green is really coming on well, and although seeding and a bit sticky when being hand cut, we are confident that it will be slick enough to be rated by the SSS assessor hopefully soon.

Still some work to be done for our mid summer opening target, namely extract measuring done by the stroke saver guys,( which was undertaken this morning), SSS rating done by R&A reps, new stroke index’s then finally new cards.

The hole signs will be temp as we are going to revert back to the original Links lay out for the winter but we will have the permanent stuff in place for the start of next season when the old 6th and 7th go off line for good.


The overnight watering is going well, augmented by one man almost full time hand watering around the course. The irrigation system is coping but both the main pumps and some of the older sprinkler heads need work at some point soon, so there may well be extra costs to consider on that front.

So We’ll leave you with a piece of profundity from modern culture.

As Springsteen sings –

“C’mon don’t tell me that the rich don’t know, sonny
Sooner or later it all comes down to money”.


Enjoy your golf


Cheers, The Greens Team.