If you don’t know by now, and you should if you’ve been paying attention, out at the sheds we laugh in the face of mythical notions, sneer at superstition, chuckle at conveyors of doom, give the defiant finger to harbingers of bad vibes, take pleasure from dispelling old wife’s tails, rail at ….oh FFS get on with it.


Friday the 13th, the day Barassie will change forever, well for two months at least, the new layout will open……..


Yes, my friends and fellow members, the 13th marks the culmination of almost 8 years of planning, prevaricating, beating around the bush, begging the question, debating the issue, looking at options and all the other clichés you can think of but we finally (here’s some more) bit the bullet, grasped the bull by the horns, took on the challenge and changed the course.


When past Captain Hope commissioned Paul Kimber to redesign the “new nine” little did he know that it would take the patience of Confucius (and a VAT rebate) to see his plans be enacted, albeit in a small step of change.

However, as that other great leader (surely mad megalomaniac) Chairman Mao proclaimed “every journey of a thousand miles starts with one small step”.


Which led us to this, a hole and a half of professionally designed and built holes, that will hopefully act as a standard bearer for all works we undertake to improve the members enjoyment of Barassie Links from this point onwards and hopefully, upwards.



I’ll drink to that and more than one you can be assured.


Check out the latest from Dan the man Mann, on social media. Pure Kwality!


We have cut a hole in the green so any members wanting a putt are more than welcome to have a few putts as they pass.


It’s a perfect time to salute the hard work, worry, and good old-fashioned hassle that’s been required from Brian and his hard-pressed crew that’s grafted, with calloused hands and bitched through clenched jaws, to deliver the project on time, on budget and at times, on medication.

There were days when it felt like we had bitten off far more than we could ever chew, but as you can see from the rotund shapes that inhabit the shed – we can eat like (insert your own four-letter word).


Not only that, you would perhaps, at a pinch, expect the course conditions to dip a little with all the additional work going on, but no we’ve been presented with a course that, as I’ve heard described as “the best for years” “best I can remember” “simply the best” (not that actually that’s another altogether different thing) and “better than last year” or that Ayrshire understatement “no bad”, makes it even more remarkable so again Fraser, Rob, Craig, Barry, Garry, Archie, Steven, Jim and of course the big man himself Brian, take a bow, puff your chests out and say “we done that”.

We are sure come the newly revived Greenkeepers day the members will show their appreciation and contribute generously to our night out.


It might seem strange that given how well the greens have been that we get ripped in about them on maintenance week – verti cut (to remove moss and any thatch), cut, seeded, top dressed , brushed in, rolled and finally hand sprayed with a wetting agent. In the past we had a tendency to schedule the work around the fixture card usually post club championship. This meant that if we got a poor growing Autumn the greens took a long time to recover, however if we do it now they come back in a few days, and sure enough the greens while not quite as good as last week are almost back to their best.

Hand cut to 3mm on Friday and cut and rolled on Saturday.


The team with a full turn out and a couple of 5:30 starts, got the work done really quickly this year and we had the Links open by 10 on the first two days and cancelled the course closure altogether for Wednesday.


One thing that’s got us beaten at the moment is getting enough pressure to supply the water fountains on the course, we are waiting for Calum our water specialist to come and see if he can fix it. So please make sure you’re adequately stocked with water before you play.


We were sorry to hear one of our members got a splinter from the wooden rakes in his finger, and as I heard from my old man every time I hurt a finger ………

“A sare fingers a sare thing,

But a sare things no’a sare finger,

And I’d rather have a sare finger than a sare thing !”


Seriously we have changed out the offending rake and always keep a stock so if anyone notices any rough edges please let us know so we can get it changed.

A suggestion to change to plastic rakes will also be debated at committee and council. The “rake issue”, while not on the Brexit scale always provides some lively debate: wooden or plastic, upright or flat, holders or on the ground, in or out the bunker…rakes really are politics right enough.


We hope you like the new bins and ball washers, we have put at the new holes and the first, at the sheds we go by the mantra of “the relentless pursuit of perfection” always looking for ways to keep the Barassie experience fresh and exciting. I can just hear Big Ally Q saying “Aye that’ll be right” but equally you can’t please everyone.


Enjoy your golf.


The Greens Team.