A notable first on Tuesday as a full team checked in for duty for the first time this year. This only lasted one day but at last the trend is upwards.
We have employed a seasonal worker as an investment to ensure we have all 29 holes to the standard we require. The manning now sits at 8 staff, one full time seasonal, and one part time seasonal. We will review as we go to ensure we give both value for money and are able to reach the standard we aspire to.

With the improved manpower we finally managed to give the Hillhouse some much needed attention, that and dry weather greatly reducing the divots created has it looking much better.

The holes are now being changed twice a week, however we are still noticing excessive wear particularly on 4 thru 12. We think that there are two reasons for this. Firstly, these holes were cored last Autumn (to make the new green), and have been top dressed repeatedly, resulting in good firm surfaces but are a bit fragile after the dry spell. Secondly, the new flag pins are a bit bigger and it’s easy to bump the holes as they are pulled and replaced so if we could ask for everyone’s help in taking care when dealing with the pins it would be greatly appreciated.

The greens will be cut to 3.5mm and rolled for the medal on Saturday, with a target of 9.5 on the stimpmeter. However, due to the natural seeding there will be areas running a bit slower and of course there have been weather warnings that also may affect things.

We have fertilised all tee areas this last week and we have filled the ball washers so there’s no need to lick your…. (you get the picture).

We have also, in line with the new strategy plan, made a good start on compiling our course management plan. This will include not only the standards members should expect to see on the course but also our plans to minimise the environmental impact and encourage local plants and animals as much as possible.
Another important aspect is to outline our plans and projects to continue to enhance members golfing experience.

Wow….Bobs bingo goes into overdrive, so that’s enough.

Enjoy your golf

The Greens Team.