Another challenging week with labour, Jim Turner up to 3 days a week but Archie still off.

However, we managed to get the Links bunkers tidied up and sprayed with retarder so hopefully they will stay good for a while.

The hand cutters have been away getting serviced and sharpened so this week the Toros have been busy with a setting of 3.5 – with a target of 8.8 on the stimpmeter.

Apologies for some of the holes going out of shape these last two weeks. There have been a few factors at play: breaking in a new hole cutter, rotation of guys doing the job, the dryness of the greens combined with the increased top dressings, particularly on the new nine, and if the new pins are not located properly they rough up the holes.

We will start cutting new holes twice a week so hopefully they will be better.

The Hillhouse is still not how we would like to present to the members but we are interviewing for some extra labour so all going well we should have some more help soon.

Enjoy your golf


Bob Anderson
Green Convener
On behalf of the Course Manager & Greenstaff