Kilmarnock (Barassie) Golf Club benefits from having 27 holes in play at any one time and this allows the course to be laid out in three different eighteen hole configurations.

Barassie Links (18 holes)

The normal course in play for members and visitors is known as Barassie Links and comprises of nine holes from the Traditional Course and nine holes constructed in the nineties.

Barassie Links Scorecard

Traditional Course (18 holes)

The Traditional Course is shorter than Barassie Links but still provides a formidable challenge when in play.

Traditional Course Scorecard

Dundonald Course (18 holes)

The Dundonald Course is used less frequently than the other two layouts and uses the alternate nine holes from the traditional layout and the nine new holes. Also shorter than Barassie Links but still a fine test of golf.

Dundonald Course Scorecard

Hillhouse (9 holes)

The Hillhouse is the name for the nine hole course that is normally in play alongside Barassie Links.

Hillhouse Scorecard