I had a lovely visit to the course last week. The viper’s bugloss plants (tall blue flower) on the memorial areas were buzzing with bumblebees and there were plenty of hoverflies around. The sloping area was the most flowery but there is plenty to come in both of them once we have a bit of rain. The rabbits had made bare patches but that’s ok as it will aid germination when the seeds fall. They’ve nipped off a few flower heads but are making little impact.
The kidney vetch area is coming along. There are kidney vetch flowers present which should seed into the bare bits and increase coverage. Might be worth scattering some more seed in the autumn – I’ll make a note to get you some. I saw a solitary bee using a nest hole there which is an added bonus of the patchy growth. I couldn’t resist having a look at the sand quarry for bees and wasn’t disappointed. I caught 5 different species on one small section of bank. Nice to see the sand martins there too and a plover of some sort.